Thursday, June 16, 2011

mom & country ham pot pie

it was my first mother's day without my mom and it felt sorta sacreligious not to celebrate mother's day because well, i wouldn't be here without her. i just HAD to -- so i baked a ham. suffice it to say that the day AFTER there i was was sitting with a big hunk o chunk o ham and what's a girl to do? well i figured i could whip up a nice pot pie and stick ham in it. now a girl needs a great recipe for a great idea (insert blinky lightbulb on head) so i perused my favorite foodie blogs and i ran into a recipe which puts a spin on the traditional pot pie and you know what? it wasn't at all bad. it was freakin' awesome! it was yummy in my tummy! so without further ado here's rachel's country ham pot pie recipe. thanks rachel!

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