Sunday, August 28, 2016

#bonita voxbox

as you may or may not know, bonita means pretty in spanish.  influenster hooked me up with their bonita voxbox overflowing with free products and samples for testing purposes.  i received a bottle of matte sinfulcolors in an orange shade.  i received a bottle of dickinsons enhanced witch hazel toner and then a sample of madame cj walkers prewash and masque, revlon hd matte sample seal and a sample seal of a nourishing lipstick. there was a nice yummy brownie from fiber one which only has 90 calories and does not like cardboard taste! for more info visit mi ig acct  at @anitapicositsa

Friday, August 19, 2016

Testing, testing, 1-2-3

Recently joined influenster and received a #zzzquil voxbox complimentary for testing purposes.  I received 2 pills and a $2 coupon.  I was excited to receive this as my circadian clock gets all wonky more often then not. it helped me sleep. Keep in mind that zzzquil is not for pain. It's for sleeping.  You have to give yourself 7-8 hours for sleep.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

homestyle salsa * salsa casera

alright, so as you may have guessed, mexican food tends to build on top of other recipes.  so the next logical step of course is to transform that lovely flag salad from the last post, into a salsa.

so you put your diced jalapenos, tomato and onion into a baggie.  you add a minced garlic and some salt to taste into the baggie. (it's better to undersalt then to oversalt aka less is more).

close the zip at the top and jostle the contents of the bag a little to make sure to incorporate everything as best you can.  stick the baggie into the fridge for a few hours.  i usually do it overnight so i don't get the urge to go lookin' for salsa.

the next morning you remove the baggie from the fridge.  you will notice it has released some juice.  you let it come somewhat to room temp whilst you chop up some fresh cilantro roughly.

finally, you then find a pretty serving dish and pour your salsa into it and then top it with the cilantro.  take a spoon and carefully mix the salsa as to incorporate the cilantro.

voila! thar you have it folks!  you are now listo to eat chips con la salsa! did i mention i love recipes that can be built upon to create different things?  well i doodily doodily do!

Monday, January 5, 2015

mexican flag salad * pico de gallo

since i touched upon this salad on my last post, i figured i would tell you how to prepare it.  we eat this with chips and use it to top many a dish--full of food.

first you want to don some food service gloves.  you rinse and dry some jalapenos or serrano peppers.  we highly prefer these to be green in color. and you slice.

you then take some rinse and dried roma tomatoes. (this is usually used in mexican kitchens) and dice.

you then take rinsed and dried white onion and you dice.

mix all three ingredients in a nice serving bowl, or lay each ingredient next to the other on a nice serving  platter (cobb style)   and there you have it!  mexican flag salad. ique viva mexico! ique viva!

 try to get the dice equal in size.  be very careful when chopping peppers that you do not touch any sensitive part of your body like your face because the oils will sting.  even if you wash your hands with soap in water, the oils can still remain and you will be in pain!!! i can't stress this enough: don gloves before you begin choppin' those peppers!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

mexican street corn * elotes

i pray God's blessings for you and your family this new year.  remember the "old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."  2 Cor 5:17 kjv .

today, i want to show you how to make mexican corn or 'elotes.'  we sell them at my church when service lets out to raise funds for different ministries.  this is a very popular treat among the young and the young - at - hearts and therefore a great seller.  it doesn't take a huge investment and makes a nice little profit.  i hope you give them a try.

you take whole corn on the whole cob (or halved cobs) and boil them in slightly salted water.

when done, remove from boiled water with tongs and dry corn off. do not run them under cold water or put them in an ice bath.  if you are using a whole corn, you may choose to put a skewer on the cut end of the whole cob (or not).

you want to shmear a little mayo all over the dried, hot corn.  it helps if the mayo is at room temperature for this endeavor.

once that has been done, you then coat the corn all over using grated (not shredded) parmesan or cotija cheese. next sprinkle some fruit seasoning called pico de gallo.  this is not to be confused with the red, white and green 'mexican flag' salad also called pico de gallo.

if you need something to tide you until dinner this is definitely a quick fix.  it's also ideal for picnics!  did i tell you it'sreally delicious?  if not, it is!  you should go make some.  like now!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

russian tea cakes and ensalada rusa, oh my!

whilst reading about russian tea cakes on a blog earlier today, i was reminded of a nice little salad i enjoy.  usually i have it when visiting family but because i love it so much, i don't prepare it often.   it is called ensalada rusa or russian salad.  i don't know the history for this salad.  i don't really know if it is even eaten in russia or russian households, but what i do know is that it is really good and if you are in a hurry to throw something together for lunch or a light supper, this would be the ticket!  now as with most hispanic food, we usually just eye-ball it.  you can make this by chopping up and cooking your own vegetables but I find frozen works just fine - except for the potato.

yes, i am a purist snob when it comes to ensalada rusa.  this is the way i've eaten it and those that came before me (in my family) without further ado, here goes:

you take a potato or two, peeled and chopped in small dice (to approximate the size of the carrots), and then boiled until cooked but firm. (we ain't makin' mush)  you could add salt to taste if you like.  i don't.

you take a bag of cooked frozen peas and diced carrots and you add the contents of the bag to the potatoes during the last few minutes so they can unthaw and heat up.

you mix the peas, carrots and potato when cooled with mayo to taste.  we like to add a little prepared mustard to give it a little tang. easy peasy, don'tcha know?

you can just eat this right out of the serving bowl all by your lonesome.  i won't judge you.  seriously, i won't. i've been known to do that a time or two.  it is really, really good.  i like it on tostadas (flat fried tortillas) or telera bread which is that nice soft flat looking bread used for mexican tortas or lonches (sandwiches or subs).  you can also eat it with crackers.  i personally like the toasted's sesame or wheat crackers.  club crackers are good too.  you could probably use pan birote which is a small football shaped crusty bread to serve it on as well.

if you want to get all creative with this salad, you can; just don't tell me about it.  i'm still reeling from what my little peepers have behelden. i've seen-ed people add tuna to this.  i've also seen-ed others just use a straight bag of mixed frozen veggies with green beans and corn and if that don't beat all, lima beans to boot too!

i apologize i don't have a picture to show you of said yumminess.  the power button on my camera is not playing nice but i will try to post a piccie as soon as i am able, God willing.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

mexican creamed corn with poblano pepper strips * elote con rajas

first start by adding a can of media crema or table cream into blender with a 1/4 cup sour cream and 3oz cream cheese. pulse until 'sauce' is to your liking. if you need to thin it out pulse a tablespoon of milk at a time until the desired consistency is reached. season to taste with chicken bouillon granules careful not to overdo it so as not to end up with an overly salted product. when you are satisfied with the 'sauce' set aside.

next place a poblando pepper inside a baggie and seal. steam in microwave for a minute or two. do not open the baggie. set aside until cooled. don kitchen gloves. open baggie carefully. remove blistered pepper skin and stem end. cut pepper down the long end and remove seeds. discard stem, skin  and seeds. cut pepper flesh into strips and set aside.

finally place a skillet on medium-high heat. add tablespoon butter to skillet and melt. add one slivered onion and saute. when translucent add the poblando pepper strips and one drained can whole-kernel corn. when cooked, add sauce and stir until heated through. enjoy this side dish of creamy goodness! :)