Sunday, December 28, 2014

russian tea cakes and ensalada rusa, oh my!

whilst reading about russian tea cakes on a blog earlier today, i was reminded of a nice little salad i enjoy.  usually i have it when visiting family but because i love it so much, i don't prepare it often.   it is called ensalada rusa or russian salad.  i don't know the history for this salad.  i don't really know if it is even eaten in russia or russian households, but what i do know is that it is really good and if you are in a hurry to throw something together for lunch or a light supper, this would be the ticket!  now as with most hispanic food, we usually just eye-ball it.  you can make this by chopping up and cooking your own vegetables but I find frozen works just fine - except for the potato.

yes, i am a purist snob when it comes to ensalada rusa.  this is the way i've eaten it and those that came before me (in my family) without further ado, here goes:

you take a potato or two, peeled and chopped in small dice (to approximate the size of the carrots), and then boiled until cooked but firm. (we ain't makin' mush)  you could add salt to taste if you like.  i don't.

you take a bag of cooked frozen peas and diced carrots and you add the contents of the bag to the potatoes during the last few minutes so they can unthaw and heat up.

you mix the peas, carrots and potato when cooled with mayo to taste.  we like to add a little prepared mustard to give it a little tang. easy peasy, don'tcha know?

you can just eat this right out of the serving bowl all by your lonesome.  i won't judge you.  seriously, i won't. i've been known to do that a time or two.  it is really, really good.  i like it on tostadas (flat fried tortillas) or telera bread which is that nice soft flat looking bread used for mexican tortas or lonches (sandwiches or subs).  you can also eat it with crackers.  i personally like the toasted's sesame or wheat crackers.  club crackers are good too.  you could probably use pan birote which is a small football shaped crusty bread to serve it on as well.

if you want to get all creative with this salad, you can; just don't tell me about it.  i'm still reeling from what my little peepers have behelden. i've seen-ed people add tuna to this.  i've also seen-ed others just use a straight bag of mixed frozen veggies with green beans and corn and if that don't beat all, lima beans to boot too!

i apologize i don't have a picture to show you of said yumminess.  the power button on my camera is not playing nice but i will try to post a piccie as soon as i am able, God willing.

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