Monday, January 5, 2015

mexican flag salad * pico de gallo

since i touched upon this salad on my last post, i figured i would tell you how to prepare it.  we eat this with chips and use it to top many a dish--full of food.

first you want to don some food service gloves.  you rinse and dry some jalapenos or serrano peppers.  we highly prefer these to be green in color. and you slice.

you then take some rinse and dried roma tomatoes. (this is usually used in mexican kitchens) and dice.

you then take rinsed and dried white onion and you dice.

mix all three ingredients in a nice serving bowl, or lay each ingredient next to the other on a nice serving  platter (cobb style)   and there you have it!  mexican flag salad. ique viva mexico! ique viva!

 try to get the dice equal in size.  be very careful when chopping peppers that you do not touch any sensitive part of your body like your face because the oils will sting.  even if you wash your hands with soap in water, the oils can still remain and you will be in pain!!! i can't stress this enough: don gloves before you begin choppin' those peppers!!!

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