Tuesday, September 6, 2016

corn kernals mexican style ~*~ esquites

hope ya'll had a wonderful labor day yesterday.  i suredly surely did.  i made esquites.  this is traditional street fare in mexico.  basically you just taste some salted butter in a saucepan and add some epazote and let the flavors meld.   then add corn kernals.  i use frozen. then cook or heat through. then fill a styrofoam cup with corn and some of the liquid. top with a dallop of mayo and grated not shredded parm or cotija cheese. top with pico de gallo seasoning.  not to be con-fooz-ed with the salad.  i didn't have pico yesterday and used a seasoning with other ingredients added in and it was not good as it could have been.  but that was my problem not the seasoning. use pico de gallo seasoning.  you will not be disappointed.

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